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Det Gyldne Blad

Forget the superficial, coldness & steal

Cause, Det Gyldne Blad is about creating artefacts that adresses both big and small through a picture world of storytelling, cozyness and imagination.

Det Gyldne Blad is a personal little artist-maker brand that probably will make you soft at heart and speak to your inner child - or to the children you maybe have around you. Everything here has been worked on thoroughly from one-of-a-kind items to the illustrations that all prints and cards are based on - to the very choice of paper quality and printing method.
Det Gyldne Blad celebrates
the work of the hand as well as the whimsical and personal with a touch of Nordic moods and boheme. It's world does not wish to 'scream' at you but rather awake a little world that full of wonders, joy and imagination.
 That be taken right out of a childrens book.                     
Behind everything in Det Gyldne Blad  
You will find me, Stephanie Donsø.
I am a Danish artist and illustrator with many years behind me within the field of Art and I started Det Gyldne Blad years back when I felt stock in the art I was working with at that time. I had already for a long time been thinking of other ideas. Det Gyldne Blad is a constant project that I continue to develope and explore and I love working with all the little creatures I come up with.

I work in my little home studio (that we are also rebuilding) balancing between freelance and self-initiated proejcts which Det Gyldne Blad belongs to. Sometimes you may also find me at craft  markets and I also cooperate with several shops. Sometimes I exhibit at galleries within my own name. Beside all this I run this webshop with all that belongs to such a practice. So that means it is also me that manage all your orders and answer emails.

I live with my family close to woods and lakes and I am looking so much forward to when my new studio space will be finish further ahead so I can invite you all in.

Thank you for stopping by!

Love, Stephanie

I'm a member of
 Visual Artists Society
 (BKF/Billedkunstnernes Forbund)
Danish Authors Society & Illustrators (
Dansk Forfatterforening & Illustratorerne)

I held a
1999-2002 Ba Honors degree in Fine Art from Colchester School Of Art & Design, UK. 

Would you like to read more about my cv, past exhibitions etc. then go to: 

Det Gyldne Blad items have been featured in Danish lifestyle magazines such as BoligLiv, Vores Børn and Strandvejs Magasinet. I have illustrated a number of light-reading books for children for the book publishers Turbine Forlaget and Straarup & Co  and recently I have contributed to The Big Imaginary Book by H.C. Andersen along with 88 other Danish illustrators published by Eudor. In cooperation with (now Podimo) I have published my own children's ebook and done editorial work for Yolly magazine and The Danish Folk church School teaching. 

Years ago I also did a profession degree in Psychometrician Therapy. Together with my art it combines my interest in childhood and our emotional life as well as how the body and mind connect and interfere with each other.

Turbine Forlaget
Straarup & Co
Det Glutenfri Bageatelier (nu H.U.G. Bageri)
Frederiksberg Bibliotek
Folkekirkens Skoletjeneste (Skoleskibet)
Yolly magazine