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Bibbi brooch

224,00 kr.


- Oh, little sweetheart!

This is Bibbi, a little friend and a one-of-a-kind made brooch.
Easy to pin on to your clothing giving your wardrobe a special personal touch.

Bibbi measures about 3 cm in height.
She is handstitched and embroidered and her little knitted body or scarf is made of organic wool yarn. The rest of her is of organic cotton and vintage yarn and thread.
Bibbi is stuffed with a bit of natural non-carted wool.
A bit of paint have been applied on her cheeks and she has a small pin needle on the back attached with stitches.

Made in a non-smoking environment.

Keep in mind that there are no garantee that Bibbi will survive a spind in the washing machine.

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Little Bibbi brooch. A little friend to carry close to your heart.
Easy to put on your favorite jumper, shirt, bag or to use as a personal gift.

Bibbi is hand stitched and embroidered with cotton thread on cotton fabric, and a scrap of knitted yarn. She has a bit of watercolor applied on her cheeks. 
Stuffing is non-dyed sheep wool. Pin on the back is attached with stitches.
Measures: 3 cm in height.

Keep in mind: Bibbi will not be happy about a spin in the washing machine.