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Det Gyldne Blad

Pixie cut outs ~ Kravlenisser

28,00 kr.


The finest little Pixie cut outs - or Kravlenisser as they are called in Danish.

 is an old Danish Christmas decor tradition, great for both big and small. You cut them out yourself (I recommend a scissor with a good peak/spids). Fold as described on the sheet and place the Pixies somewhere in your home just as the old myths about Pixie's - Nisser living in our houses and farms. Here the Pixies help along with daily life - at least as long as you treat them well and serve them their porridge at Christmas time.

The Pixies come on one paper sheet or card in A5 size.
Paper is of 324 milligrams, high quality, FSC-marked and off white.
Easy to write on, lovely as a large Christmas postcard.

Will be sent in an envelope with a hardboard back.

I'd love to see your cute displays of these little Pixie cut outs. So if your up for it please tag them with @det_gyldne_blad or #detgyldneblad #stephaniedonsø so that I may see your creations!

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