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Det Gyldne Blad

Det Gyldne Blad is what I call my personal little artist-maker brand that I, Stephanie is behind. I'm located in Denmark in Scandinavia and my brand name is in Danish and mean The og That Golden Leaf. Here I produce my illustrations into prints and cards as well as making little handstitched artefacts like collectable dolls and broches. I have a big love for storytelling and to make up small worlds that one can disapear into for a while.
I'm inspired by a lot in life in general, yet what very often speaks to me is folk art, folkstories, comics, vintage childrensbooks and Danish kids television from the 70-80's. 
I like the unique and special, what is well made and considered as I think it's the oppsite of non-caring and the superficial. Therefore it is my hope that some of the presence that I put into my work will somehow channel whether you are purchasing it or 'just' being a follower.

I think that Det Gyldne Blad very often crosses the invisible boarders that there may be between art, illustration and crafts. I pull on my many years of experience of working with art and my former art education from art college in England. It suits me weell if my work not necessarily always fits into a specific category. This way the rings in the water may spread much wider and may appeal to more.

For big & small
I think a lot about childhood and the effects it may have on our adult life and so I wish Det Gyldne Blad to be for both big and small - for those who are little now and for the child within you. I work with a picture world that may seem to be taken right out of a story - and who does not like a good story? - maybe one you can poem on or even better, with someone.

I like working with different materials and besides drawing a lot when I was a child I also liked to paint and glue things together, simply try out ideas. Already as a teenager I sewed dolls and teddy's. Maybe it was my way of still holding on to a bit of childhood though it was not very well seen among fellow teens who where busy growing up. I just wasn't. Later in life I did not sew dolls and teddies for a long time, yet when I did again, it just felt so familar and something felt into place. To day I sell my little collectable dolls to people both in Denmark and to countries such as USA, Singapore, Spain and Sweeden. Sometimes I have also done customade portrait dolls.

In my logo you find a golden leafIt refere to both my brand name and to a particular childhood memeory about two large Ooak trees that stood where I grew up. That way I connect both childhood, memories and storytelling to Det Gyldne Blad and to what I make. 

I work in my little home studio where I balance between freelance projects, the makings of Det Gyldne Blad and other self-initiated projects. You may also find me on art and craft markets and I cooperate with several little shops. Sometimes I also exhibit at galleries with work in my own name. Beside all this I run this webshop and all that comes with it so it is also me that manage your orders, answers emails etc.
I am married to Thomas. We have two kids, one is a teenager and we have a cat and five chickens in our lovely garden. We live close to lakes and the woods and have an ongoing project with rebulidng our house from 1959.

If you have red so fare - thank you for stopping by.

All the best,