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Little Girl Under Snowdrops

236,00 kr.


To be so little that you may walk under Snowdrops.
A high quality print full of storytelling.

The paper is fsc-marked and from Hahnemühle. It has a surface a bit like watercolor paper that goes so well with Stephanies illustrations.

You can read more about the printing method down below.
Size: 29,9 x 42 cm (A3).

Print is hand signed on the front.

Frame not inclueded. 

Protect your prints and illustrations from direct sunlight.Tthat way they will last for many years.

Lay in basket
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What is a Giclée print?

Giclée print is also called a fine Art print. This printing method calls upon high ink and paper standards to make it archival for many years to come. When the print is well kept and protected againt direct Sunlight the print will last +100 years.

Prints are printed with 12-pigment waterbased ink on lovely high quality paper from Hähnemühle of 190 miligram. The paper has a slight rough surface that has a resemblance with water color paper which the ink can really attach to.

The Giclée printing method match both color and ink apply very precisely and therefore reproduces the original art work very accurate.  

Prints are printed locally here in Denmark.