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prints, cards & hand stitches
Det Gyldne Blad

Autumn moods & the memory of picking Strawberries

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Hello & welcome to Det Gyldne Blad. 

My name is Stephanie Donsø and I am a Danish artist, illustrator & maker who is also behind Det Gyldne Blad. I'm passionate about visual storytelling and whimsical little worlds and to work with several materials such as paper, paint, color pencils, thread and stitches. I manage and send out each order myself. Thank you for supporting my small business. Feel free to take a look around.

Remembering Summer

Popular prints

Loving Snowdrops all year round

I love Snowdrops and their very proof of Spring is near.
So, I made this print full of
wonder and admiration as if it belonged in a fairytale book

It's printed with water based pigments on acid-free and FSC-marked Hähnemühle paper.
Original illustration of gouache, watercolor, color pencil and oil pastels on paper.
You really still get the feeling of this in the print.

285,- kr

Hand stitched

Little Art dolls for collection

Stitch by stitch
Is how each of the little art dolls from Det Gyldne Blad come into this world. They are made by hand and only one of each. Each is a unique little cozy companion full of whimsical personality, cuteness and charme that spread a lot of joy and hygge. They truly are the gift you don't see on every street corner.
But hurry! Cause they very fastly find new homes!

Lean into blue


of course

Pocket dolls

For little ones play

Little Pocket dolls

For gentle play
and little loving hands

Handmade with embroidery details

Each doll come with a little woolen pocket-bag to be carried in


Pin a little brooch face on to your sweater, shirt or bag - it's fun!


Det Gyldne Blad - presence & hygge for your home

Det Gyldne blad is a little personal brand that mixes art, craft, illustration and design. It's appearance emme of visual storytelling for both big and small and may very well contribute with hygge and personality to the little home. All art prints are printed on high quality FSC-marked Hähnemühle paper that will ensure the kids room great art of presence while also speaking to the inner child within grownups. The cards and greetings cards may be used at various occasions and are great to write on or to work as little pictures when framed. Everything is made with love for the personal and unique, for the painted, drawn and stitched and for the stories that call upon the childhood in all of us.
There is nothing superficial about Det Gyldne Blad, no steal or cold. Instead you'll find warmth, a bit of Nordich boho and loveable whimsicality. 

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