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Det Gyldne Blad

of whimsical prints, cards & little stitched artefacts, all with a cozy Scandinavian vibe

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Me, Stephanie Donsø

I am the artist-maker behind the Det Gyldne Blad and all you find here in the shop. My intention is that Det Gyldne Blad should appeal to both big and small. Therefore, a lot of the art I do is based on my big love for storytelling, folklore, imagination, childhood memories and whimsical details, yet also a closeness with nature. 

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Folksy & unique
collectable little dolls. Funny and non alike. Each are individually hand stitched with the use of organic and vintage materials which makes them different and unique from each other. Place the dolls on your favorite spot in your home, keep them in the palm of your hand or hang them as little wall ornaments. Either way, these dolls most certainly make a lovely little companion.

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