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My name is Stephanie Donsø and I am the artist and maker behind Det Gyldne Blad which means The Golden Leaf in Danish. I am based in Denmark and work in my homestudio ballacing between selfinitiated projects, managing this webshop, client work and sometimes exhibitions and markets.

My art of Det Gyldne Blad often seem to tell a story that is imaginative and whimsical sprinkled with a bit of cozyness. It is based on my love for childrens books, kids television in the 70-80's and the Nordic nature and folk culture. Det Gyldne Blad is meant for both little and big. Here you may very well find personal gifts for friends and family and of course for yourself.


I work analouge which means that I illustrate and paint by hand and I tend to use a lot of different materials. I have a background as a fine artist and have an art degree from art college in England. To day my work crosses much the disciplinens of art, illustration and craft.
I think that no matter what kind of art I have made it has always had somekind of story in it. My earlier paintings and drawings often seemed to continue a story or scenery and I think a lot about characters and themes. This may come from the fact that I grew up with a mother who worked (for twentyfive years) at the local library. I often went with her to work and loved being surrounded by books and their pictures. 

For a long time I forgot about how much this meant to me and my art went in other directions. By time I felt more and more about making some kind of art-brand that I wanted to approach much differently than I did with the art I was making at that time. I wanted to explore and develope illustrations that could be made into prints and cards or used in books. I simply needed a change and to start trying out all the other ideas my head was full of. From this need - Det Gyldne Blad was born. It is still an exploration to me to day, I constantly get ideas and I never think of my artbrand as something that stand still and where everything is approached as usual.
No, there are always new ways, materials and tellings.


I have illustrated a number of light reading books for children and in November 2023 the childrens book 'Liv' written by author Anne-Sofie Allermann came out, illustrated by me. The book is also set to be published in Germany.
Recently I have started on a serie of illustrations for a new book project. This time it is for my own story within the category 'silent books' which mean that the story is without text and uses 'only' pictures to tell the story. The book will be published by Forlaget Frø and is to come out sometime in 2025. 

I'm working on setting up at site that shows more of my art made in my own name and with an exhibtion list.