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Dolls made by Stephanie within the past five years.

Each doll is stitched by hand from the very body to the dolls wearing.
Stephanie does not follow an exact pattern. The dolls are rather made intuitively and as they come along yet based on a rough idea.

All dolls are one-of-a-kind.

"I find a certain peace of mind when stitching my dolls by hand, it can be almost meditating. I often keep the stitches visible reminding me of the handmade and craftmanship. I like the idea of perfection in the unperfect stitch just as it is favoured by certain Japanese mending methods. Of course there are stitches I truely try to get right, while others I like to be more raw and not that neatly made. I think that keeps an honesty. The materials I use are scraps and pieces from worn out clothings and vintage fabrics. Much of my embroidery yarn was given to me by my Grandmother many years ago. She was brilliant at embroidery. At that time I did not know what to do with the yarn she gave. I only sewed on my sewing machine. But I loved all the many colors of the yarn and kept it. I'm sure glad I did. Today it's a big part of making my little dolls and brooches".

Stephanies handstitched brooches and wall hangings where many are alike her dolls have not been archived - maybe one day.


Point on the photos to see name and year of the dolls

Little Jane Spiky hair - portrait doll 2022
Little Easter Ester 2023
Bobo 2023
Alma 2023
Becky Big Bow 2022
Ursula 2022
Autumn Annie 2022
Karoline 2022
Belinda 2021-2022
Ella 2022
Rune portrait doll 2022
Little Inga 2022
Betty Book Lover 2021
Kim portrait doll 2021
Pocket dolls 2001-2022
Frida & Sonja portrait dolls 2022
Mini doll - startet in 2017, finished in 2020
Barbara Book Lover 2021
Little Gitte 2021 - portrait doll
Little Miss Sophia 2021
Lilly 2019
Kimberly 2019
Fiona 2020
Oluf 2020
Dude-Nina 2018
Boho Clara 2018
Vegan Suzy 2018
Vera 2019
Pumpkin Carrie 2017
Big Glasses Judy 2017
Tusnelda 2017
For my daughter in 2017